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This Week at the Loop

Hi Twisted Loop Fans,

I feel like I'm writing my best pen-pals a letter. Wow, what a week... how many times have I said that in the past three weeks? Three times. Every week we're reinventing what our normal is. This week it's learning technology! Emily (my youngest) and I will be doing a live Instagram at 1:00. We'll let you know what we're and the Twisted Team have been up to. If you want a good laugh you should tune in, I'm bound to say something dumb and you should count the number of times I say "um"... there might be a prize involved.

We're making up kits out of Crazy Wool for The Shift cowl. We'll post those on Instagram and Facebook too. Tomorrow I'll post the rules about how that will work right here on the website.

We started a Facebook group called Twisted Loop SIP(ping) group. SIP stands for Shelter-In-Place but we decided to switch that around to Stitch-In-Place. Adding the "ping" at the end gives you permission to enjoy a little somthin' somthin' (alcoholic bevie) on the side.

Well friends that's about all I have for today. Check back often as we'll continue to update you with inspiring projects, yarns that we have available and how everybody is doing here a the Twisted Loop.

Happy Knitting,

Jenni & the Twisted Team

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