Jenni and Bob Krosnowski own the Twisted Loop Yarn Shop. This shop started as a dream in 2010. We were going to go the “big shop” route, we had a large location, lots of yarn on order and a kick-ass business plan that landed us the huge bank loan that would make it all possible. The Lord put upon our hearts that we should rethink our plan. With lots of prayer and advice from friends and family we decided to go at it slow and small.  That was 8 years ago.  Look where we are today!  With your support we are growing and creating a network of crafters all over world... yup we have international knitters stop by too (yay).  Thank you!


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Thank You!

Another great Minnesota Yarn Shop Hop has come and gone and what a weekend it was. We are always so inspired by the beauty and workmanship of all the knit/crochet wear that comes through our shop in these four days! We took lots and lots of notes and filled our note-board with ideas for classes and workshops. You inspire us! Thank you for all your kind comments regarding our shop and project. We are looking forward to next year and excited to see what we'll be "inspired" to create for you next year.