Jenni and Bob Krosnowski own the Twisted Loop Yarn Shop. This shop started as a dream in 2010. We were going to go the “big shop” route, we had a large location, lots of yarn on order and a kick-ass business plan that landed us the huge bank loan that would make it all possible. The Lord put upon our hearts that we should rethink our plan. With lots of prayer and advice from friends and family we decided to go at it slow and small.  That was 8 years ago.  Look where we are today!  With your support we are growing and creating a network of crafters all over world... yup we have international knitters stop by too (yay).  Thank you!


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Summer Plans!

The Minnesota Shop Hop and Yarn Over are over and I feel like I have a yarn hangover, much like the days that follow the holidays. I'm content to play with my new toys for a while but soon, very soon, I'll begin to wonder "what's next". Well let me tell you we have exciting events happening this summer at the Twisted Loop.

Saturday, June 8th is WWKIP (World Wide Knit In Public Day) and we always have a great time - knitting in the faces of those who want to but are too afraid. We'll be teaching the wannabe's with a fast and furious project to get them hooked (volunteers needed - hint hint).

In July we'll be hosting our very first CAL (Crochet Along) with our very own Judi. She'll be working up the Hotel of Bees Shawl, it's simply lovely and speaks to the warmer days of summer.

We'll round out the Summer of 2019 with the 2nd Annual SW Yarn Quest, August 9th & 10th. Woo Hoo! Same fab five shops as last year, new dyer, new designs and new items to look for! You can't beat that!

I've now planned your entire summer for you. You're welcome!